Tiles and Interior Design


A. Introduction to Tiles and Interior Design.

Tiles have become one of the most critical parts of the interior design. Without the tiles on your building, it will make your structure meaningless. Especially the tiles on the floor. How can you stand on the floor which doesn’t have the pipes on it? I believe your foot will get hurt, am I?

For some people, they are confusing determining the suitable tiles for their buildings because of a lack of knowledge about interior design. I recommend you to visit Gallery T, the company which specialized in tiles for your interior design. Feel free to consult with the staff if you need the recommendation about which tiles are suitable for you.

Located in Singapore, Gallery T provides some product of tiles. The most recommended tiles are China Tile and European Tile. The high pipe in Gallery T is European Tile because European Tile has three types: Italy, Spain, and Turkey. We believe that we can provide the recommended tiles to our customer.

I believe you will not feel disappointed if you entrust the tiles problem to Gallery T. We will give our best for tiles recommendation for your home interior design. I am sure you will get the best result if you choose the tiles product from us.


B. Six Steps Determining The Suitable Wall Tiles.

As we know, there are many types and pattern of tiles with the attractive price. However, that does not mean, you can select the pipes at your pleasure. You need to keep focus while determining the proper and suitable option. Here is some possibility that you need to consider:

  1. Adjust The Design.

 When you build the home for the first time, you need the concept for your home. You can consult with the interior design expert or someone who is an expert in an architectural. You also can adjust the home interior with the tiles pattern.

  1. Adjust The Room Area.

Next step is, please measure the area of your room before installing the tiles. Moreover, then you can play with the pattern. For the small room and limited room, you can select the large size of the pipes such as 30cm x 60cm or 25cm x 45cm. The large proportion of the tiles gives you the deep impression of your room, especially when you install the pipes horizontally.

  1. Adjust The Place.

 Consulting with the expert is the most critical thing because not all of the walls are suitable to install the tiles. Some people are happy to apply the tiles indoor; some people also excited to use the tiles outdoor.

  1. Adjust The Budget.

The last part but it is essential for you to consider is the budget. Since the wall tiles have many different colors and patterns, you need to adjust your budget carefully and decide which tiles that you are going to pick. Don’t force yourself to buy the high-quality tiles if your budget is low.