Tiles and Renovation

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A. Introduction To Tiles and Renovation.

 When you hear about “Tiles,” what is the first thing that crossed on your mind? Interior Design or renovation? Yes, both of them are correct. Every building, whether you want to do interior design or renovate your current structure, you always need the tiles. Because, by installing the tiles on your building, surely it will increase the art value from the building itself.

If the building has no tiles, especially on the floor, the question is: where do you want to hold? I believe you don’t want to hold in a building without tiles on the floor, are you? So, you need to install the tiles on the floor as a place for you to stand.

The renovation is a process of remodeling the broken area of the current building, so it looks like new again. Installing the tiles is also include as a renovation. The meaning is to remove the broken or obsolete and replace with the new one.

Gallery T is a company which supplies tiles for every interior design or building renovation needs in Singapore.  Established in 2008, Gallery T has completed seven projects of building renovation or interior design in Singapore.

With our ten years experience in a field of building renovation or interior design, we believe that Gallery T can provide the best and high-quality tiles for your building renovation or interior design. You also feel free to consult with our staff if you are confused to determine which tiles are suitable for your taste.

In Gallery T, our Sales Staff will be happy to assist the customer in determining which tiles are suitable with customer’s need for building renovation. Because our motto is “Achieving Customer’s Satisfaction.”


B. How to Save The Cost of Home Renovation.

 If you want to save your cost during home or building renovation, you can follow these tips:

  1. Hunt The Discount of Building Material.

In general, you will not find the discount of building material in a conventional building material store. So, Why don’t you try to go to the first supermarket for building material? Let’s pick IKEA as an example. Because every day, IKEA always gives a discount for the selected product of building material.

  1. Renovate One by One.

Please make sure you renovate your building one by one when you have a limited budget. So, you will not waste your money quickly. Moreover, you’re not afraid that you can use the money for other things.

  1. Do Not Renovate During Rainy Day.

When the rainy day comes, all of the handymen will stop working. Moreover, it will impact the delayed job. Meanwhile, you must pay them since you have hired them. I suggest you pick the sunny day to renovate your building so that the handyman can accomplish the job without any constraints.

  1. Purchase The Building Material By Yourself.

You can purchase the building material by yourself to save your cost. The reason is beside you know the real price. Also, you can avoid the price markup from the naughty handyman.